Official GCListens Survey ― Win $1000

Golden Corral is a family restaurant chain in America which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a large buffet providing all you can eat, a grill, a carving station and a Brass Bell Bakery. It was established in 1973 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. There is a story behind the foundation of this chain. Earlier to this, James Maynard and William F. Carl had tried around a couple of things, wanted to start other franchises but were not getting the right opportunity. Then they got an idea and decided to have their own list of franchises.

It has held the No.1 position in Entrepreneur Magazine as family-friendly steakhouse franchisor consecutively for 21 years up to 2017. But that is only a part of its achievement, Golden Corral has taken up the initiative to support military families, and have managed to raise $14 million to help disabled American veterans. It has also set up Camp Corral, which is dedicated to the children of wounded or ill veterans, who can stay in the camp for free. By now 20,000 children have been able to attend the camp for free.

So this is not only a restaurant chain who is looking to expand its business. It has a mission towards the betterment of people and it supports worthy causes. The family-friendly restaurant has incorporated buffet with over 150 options.

Just like the restaurant does its bit to support good causes, you can do your bit by helping the restaurant to improve itself and expand. You can take up the official GCListens Survey to give your feedback and help them. By doing so, you will also be eligible to win $1000.

Steps To Join GCListens Survey:

1. Go to this link to start the survey. You just need to have a smartphone or computer and internet access.

2. Once you have reached the Golden Corral home page, you are presented the official privacy rules you need to follow.

3. To start with a survey you need to fill out the GCListens Survey code of 14 numbers. You will get the code printed on your Golden Corral receipt.

4. Then click on the Enter button.

5. There will be a couple of multiple choice questions, where you can give your own ratings according to whether you are satisfied with the food and services or not.

6. Now you have successfully completed the feedback survey.

7. If you are interested you can take part in GCListens Sweepstakes, before leaving the survey. This sweepstakes program is what people come fishing for. You get a chance to win $1000 cash or price of worth $1500.

8. To take part in GCListens Sweepstakes, you need to fill out your personal information. You will be asked your name, date of birth, address and contact information.

GCListens Survey Qualifications and Rules:

1. Any legal resident of Canada and other 49 countries mentioned can take part in the GCListens Survey, if the person is above 18 years of age.

2. The person taking out the survey must not be related to the company in any way.

3. Only one prize can be awarded to unique identifier per 90 days.

4. You can take up only one survey in a day.

5. The winner will be contacted within 10 days of selection.

6. The price or cash will be delivered to the winner within 60 days.

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